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The Trinitarian journey is one that always leads to freedom. This freedom can only be grounded in the very Being and Person of Jesus Christ.  We have to be wary of those who try to combine the Truth of God fully disclosed in the Person and work of Jesus Christ with mythology and try to call it ‘truth.’   This like trying to mix water and oil. George MacDonald says: ” We need no Moses, no earthly mediator, to come between us and the light, and bring out for us a little of the glory. We go into the presence of the Son revealing the Father—into the presence of the Light of men. Our mediator is the Lord himself, the spirit of light, a mediator not sent by us to God to bring back his will, but come from God to bring us himself” (Unspoken Sermons, Series 3 Sermon 3).  There will be many who will try to make room for a gap between Christ and us and fill it with unholy words and unholy ideas.  Jesus Christ is in us and we did not put him there!  These essays endeavour to reinforce this reality of our union with God in Jesus Christ.

Dr Bruce Wauchope