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Even more important is the Creed which appeared in the Coptic Epistula Apostolorum, an anti-Gnostic work probably written somewhere in Asia Minor shorty after the middle of the second century. Its opening chapters, in the Ethiopian version, consist f a discourse claiming to come from the Eleven, and including in it a description of some of the Lord’s miracles. The disciples explain that the Five Loaves of the miraculous feeding are a symbol of our Christian belief, that is

in (the Father omitted by cod, A) the ruler of the universe,

and in Jesus Christ (our Redeemer omitted by codd. A, C)

and in the Holy Spirit (the Paraclete omitted by codd. A, B, C)

and in the holy Church

and in the forgiveness of sins.

From J. N D. Kelly, Early Christian Creeds, 1950, p. 82.