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Some have endowed themselves with a false way of thinking and have parted ways from the true reading and in the saying: All things came to be through Him, and apart from Him nothing came to be (Jn. 1.3). They have decided to hold a different opinion of this Scripture to a meaning that insults the Holy Spirit. They wander away from the true meaning and, with their error, they stumble towards blasphemy. What we can draw from the authentic reading is: All things came to be through Him, and apart from Him nothing came to be that has come into being (Jn. 1.3), which is to say that anything that came to be, came to be through Him. The Father has always existed. The Spirit breathed forth from the Father and the Son. The Son is not created and the Spirit is not created. And another thing, all things that were created, originated from, and came after the ever-existent Father, Son and Holy Spirit and, at some point, there was a time when the things they created did not exist. Wherefore, it is through the Word’s own hand that all created things emerged and, that is to say, it is through the heavenly King’s own hand whose Being is the Word, our beneficent Saviour, that everything was created. He is our Holy Saviour, who came down from heaven and into the Virgin, the worthy place where our salvation was designed and achieved. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born from Mary, put on our flesh, and the Word was made flesh and did not change from any of His divine characteristics. His human flesh and His divinity became united into one, the One who is in perfect existence with the Father. He carried out His task perfectly by coming down into the world for our sake and for our salvation. He assumed human flesh and the soul. He came as man, not just in appearance alone, but truly human. He fashioned for Himself the perfect Man from Mary, the God Bearer, through the Holy Spirit. He did not just dwell in a man as some of the prophets use to say but the Word actually became flesh. He did not change His deity in any way. He did not transform His divinity into humanity. Rather with the fulness of His deity, while maintaining His true existence as the Word of God, He assumed real existence as a Human Being. So by maintaining His true existence as God, He came as Man where the existence of this Man and the existence of God were not two existences but one and the same. I say He is the perfect Man including everything it takes to be defined as Man and to be all that Man is. The Only-Begotten Son of God came to be such a Man as we are so that as this Perfect Man, who is God Himself, the whole business of our salvation could be procured where no part of our humanity is left out so that any part that is left is food for the devil to feed on.