Epiphanius Ancoratus 73

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Therefore, if He proceeds from the Father (Jn. 15.26) and, will receive from what is Mine (Jn. 16.14), and the Lord says, and no one knows the Son except the Father; nor does anyone know the Father except the Son (Matt. 11.27), dare I say, no one knows the Spirit, from whom the Son receives and from whom the Father proceeds.  Thus, no one knows the Father and the Son except the Holy Spirit, this One who truly celebrates by declaring this and teaching everyone bearing witness to all the Son says, Who originated from the Father and the Son. He is the One who leads to the Truth, the interpreter of the Laws, gives instruction of the spiritual laws, instructs us on the prophets, teacher of the apostles and the evangelical dogmas, the guiding star who is the elector the saints, true Light from true Light. The Son is the natural Son, True Son, the One and only, who is in union with and has properly named Him the Holy Spirit. Here, it is this God who is celebrated in the church, always the Father, always the Son, always the Holy Spirit, exalted above all else, yet understandable, who is endowed with infinite life and glory. All the things He has created and made, that is, everything that is within this fixed, created intelligible sphere, are subject to and inferior to Him. The unity of their divinity was preached by Moses, and the two were preached by the prophets, and the Trinity is made known in the Gospels, which is fitting together and building the knowledge through the times of the generations. This knowledge of the divinity leads to immortality and by having faith in it springs forth our adoption as children. But first it is as if the flesh reminds of the laws of the flesh, which tends to build the outer barrier of Mosaic tradition. Later it explains the justification of the soul by adorning all the prophecies with His holiness. Thirdly, it outlines the formality of the Spirit by preparing the Mercy-seat and the Holiest of Holies to dwell in the Gospels.  This is the Holy Tent and the Holy Temple in which to dwell. The One boundless divinity dwells in it, the one pure deity, the inconceivable divinity which may not be comprehended or inexplicable, invisible, the One who alone knows Himself and want to make open and fully disclose Himself. He stirs up and excites His followers to testify, He calls, He predestines, He glorifies, He raises from the dead, He makes holy, and for His own glory and faith, He unifies and gathers together these three things: things of the heavenly, the earthly and under the earth, that is: the spirit, the soul and the flesh: faith, hope, love; past, present and future; past age, this age, the age to come; the Sabbath of Sabbaths; circumcision of the flesh and of the heart; Christ’s despoiling the flesh in putting away sins of the body. The whole lot has been paid for and is united to Him whether it is invisible or visible, thrones, dominions, principalities and powers. In all the Holy voice of wisdom cries out from glory to glory, Holy, Holy, Holy for the Father is in the Son with the Holy Spirit, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. Those who believe say: Let it be, let it be.