Epiphanius Ancoratus 61

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From what we have mentioned before from Adam, and the arrangement was not destroyed, the facts brought about by God are not to be allegorised. There is Adam and there are the leaves of the fig tree and the fig tree. There is the Tree of Κnowledge, knowing good and evil, and the Tree of Life in the centre of Paradise, the serpent, the unwillingness to listen (disobedience), obedience (listening?/hearing?), the waters, Eve, and what is formed. All things are possible with God and the things perishable can undergo the change into the state of being free from decay and to bring about things on the earth into an imperishable state and persevere in it. No one should be amazed at this. He came and showed us this, His divinity stepping into and taking onto Himself perishable and corruptible human flesh, and clearly demonstrated Himself to be imperishable and incorruptible. Who will bring an accusation against God? Let us see it from another perspective. He threw them out of paradise and placed a Cherubim with a large flaming sword to guard the entrance to the Tree of Life. Adam went out and dwelt what was opposite to Paradise. No one should be deceived by vain and empty talk, for God has the power to raise up children from stones (Mt. 3.9) and God also has the power to change perishable and corruptible things into imperishable and incorruption and has the power to make Paradise a resting place on earth. There is not one God on earth and another God in heaven but all things are His and He desires to give incorruption to each. We also know the body of Adam was formed out of the earth, just as our bodies were also, and we have the hope of eternal life and an inheritance without corruption and decay. For the body of the Saviour was from Mary and was united spiritually and actually touching the incorruptible and imperishable Word in heaven. All these things we have provided, have been brought together and placed here, not willing to throw anything by the wayside from what is written but ask with more frankness to conform and be faithful towards God in the truth in the things He wrote for us, giving to us the true road to salvation and fittingly concede to Him alone and to know clearly for yourself the Incomprehensible.