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In like manner, it is so with the Holy Spirit, it says: If I go the Spirit of Truth will come. In speaking about Himself He says; I am the Truth, and for the Father he says: It is the Spirit of my Father who speaks in you (Matt. 10.20); and in regard to the Spirit, My Spirit is abiding in your midst (Hg. 2.5). Then there is the inexplicable action of the Spirit in regard to the Son, led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil (Matt. 4.1). And the Lord Himself says: The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He anointed Me (Lk. 4.18). In addition, the Holy Spirit spoke through the prophets saying; “the Lord Almighty says these things;” and: He who forms mountains and creates the wind (Am. 4.13), the thunder heard by men and the wind for activity and the rain sent to the earth from God. Therefore, when he speaks of created things He uses the words: “to strengthen thunder and to create wind” for these are merely created things. But when He announces Christ to men, He no longer mentions creating or strengthening but He announces to men the One and only truly Begotten, the Uncreated, the immutable One, the unchangeable One, the “One who Is” from out of the “One who always Is,” and through John who publicly declared, “the One who always Is,” and Moses, “I AM,” he says, “has sent me.” And again, John says,”The One who is in the bosom of the Father has told us about Him (Jn 1.18). The Son is the “One who Is,” the Father is the “One who Is,” He is the “One who Is with the One who Is,” begotten from Him, not in any way a fusion of identities with the Father, nor did He begin to exist but always the genuine Son with the Father and always begotten Son of the Father. There was never a time when the Father was not the Father and there was never a time when the Son did not exist with the one and only Father. If it so happened there was a time the Father was not the Father, then He Himself would have been the son of another father before He was the Father of the Only-begotten.  Those who think they are actually paying all due respect to the Father are absolutely obscene towards Him. In God there is no time, no season, no point in time, no fraction of an hour, no twinkling of the eye, and does not allow any confusion to enter into His thinking. But if you raise your thinking so that your understand the Son, lay hold of and place your trust in Him, our mind will also be of the Father. For the name is significant. For whenever you call the name Son and say “Son” you have the mind of the Father and whenever you call on the Father, you signify the Son for the Father, in all ways, is called through the Son.