Epiphanius Ancoratus 4

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Pay attention with me to the precise nature of Scripture. The Father is Light. It is not as though the light is added to the Father. But the Son is named “True Light.” No one is to say otherwise. For who is crazy enough or is out of their mind to insult, with blasphemous opinions,  by adopting any other word as “True” for the Father? Now if the genuine Son is “True Light” and is begotten from the Father, then this makes the Begetter of the Son without doubt, the “True Light.” The one who begot Him is without beginning and before time is also “True Light.” No one must be so brazen as to deny that the Father is “True Light,” though one might ask why “True” is not added.  Even though this smallest detail might have been left out, we remain true to our thinking that He is “True Light,” in order to avoid heading to destruction. It has been written in Scripture, in regard to the Son, the Son is God, even though the title “True God” has not been mentioned.  We would be absolutely out of our minds if we dare to blaspheme by denying the Son is true God. It is enough for anyone to know that in  every way the Trinity is bound together in unity. That the Father and the Son is True God and the Spirit is true.  The same measure of truth corresponds to each name. There is no doubt the Father is “True God” and the Son is God. There is no doubt the Son is “True Light,” and so it is the Father is “Light” so the honour of the two may be bound in the Godhead. Concerning the Father, He is indeed “True God.” Concerning the Son, He is “True Light,” and the Father is also “Light,” and the Son is also God from Light. And God is one Godhead and from True God and from True Light and we all say this together this unity of power.