Epiphanius Ancoratus 19

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(1) Therefore, the holy logos himself, the living one, the one who is enhypostatic, the heavenly king, the genuine Son, the one <who is> always with the Father, the one who comes forth from the Father, “the reflection of his glory the impress of his hypostasis,” “the image of the Father” in truth, the one enthroned with the one who begot, “of whose kingdom there be no end.”

(2) “the judge of the living and the dead,” the who is wisdom from wisdom, the one who is fount from fount (it says, “Me, they have left behind, the fount of living water, and they have dug up shattered cisterns for themselves”), the ever flowing river, the “one gladdening the city of God with his movements,” the who came forth from the fount, “out of whom,” it says “rivers flow from his heart,”

(3) the scepter of David, the branch of Jesse, the blossom from it, the lion, the king from the tribe of Judah,

(4) the rational sheep, the “living stone,” the angel of great counsel,” the one who has become man in truth and is God in truth, who did not change his nature, who did not alter his divinity, the one who was begotten in flesh, the logos who was made flesh, the Logos who became flesh,”

(5) the one who has flesh in the midst of the “becoming.” For it does not say, “the Logos the one who came to be.” But after saying “the Logos, unequivocally it puts the [word] flesh,” but after “flesh” it says “he became,” in order that the “he became” might be approved from Mary, in order that the Logos might be thought as coming down from on high from the Father).

(6) This one is the holy living Logos, God from the Father, “the angel of the great counsel,” the one who announces the things of the counsel of the Father, “Father of the coming eternity.” He Himself said, “No one know the day and the hour, neither the angels in heaven.” For they do not know that the Son says in mystical sense,” “except only the Father.

(7) Therefore if the Son knows the Father, and the Father is greater than the day of the hour, and no one disagrees, how then is the one knowing the greater thing ignorant of the lesser? For no one knows the Father except the Son and no one knows the Son except the Father. Therefore if he knows the Father, the greater thing, how is he ignorant of a smaller thing, that is, the day and the hour? Search the divine Scriptures and know the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit himself, the one who knows the Father and the Son, will reveal to you the knowledge of the Logos, the Son of God, in order that you might not be led astray from the truth and destroy your soul.