Epiphanius Ancoratus 120 (rough translation)

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We should believe in [one] God the Father [Almighty and] all-ruling creator of heaven and earth. We should believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, his only (or his own) son, who is begotten of the power of the Holy Spirit and born of Mary of the Virgin, tormented under the rule of Pilate, crucified, died and buried, drove down to hell solve from there his friends [all his men], on the third day, after he died [and was buried], he rose from dead, and then he was with his disciples for forty days, from the day of Easter and until Holy Thursday [Ascension Day], and ascended to heaven there, and from there he will come to judge the last day of this world each one according to his merit. We should believe in the Holy Spirit, that he is true god, like Father and Son, and the three people (actually distinctions) are a god we should believe in all that is believed by all Christian peoples and where saintly men communion and the holy church used to be with immutable fixing agreed. We should believe that the sins are forgiven with baptism and repentance and with Confession and the flesh and blood of our Lord, in the Mass is sanctified, with prayer, almsgiving, with fasting and all others good things that people think, speak or do. We should believe that every human body, which comes into the world or can come to the court, when it will be resurrected, and from then let those who do evil in this world have end- loose suffering with the devil in hell and his angels, but the, which have done good in this world, shall receive and have eternal joy with God and all his holy men in the world Heaven without end.