Epiphanius Ancoratus 116

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It distresses them that He is both God and Man. For in this it says, “His pathways are from the beginning from the creation of the world.” This is not man but God. They have forgotten that “Behold, the Virgin will bear in her womb and will bring forth a Son and his name will be called Emmanuel.” This “will be called” is an indication for the way of the saints and of those of the faith, of the sons of the church. For they are under scrutiny of the Jewish Lord-killers and ask in regard to the Saviour, “How do the faithful’s confession is in the one who has been crucified?” They hear from the same faithful ones that “with you He was crucified, but He is God with us.” They did not hear David and did not know his word. In the Holy Spirit he perceived, shaking at the future economy of the Lord and said: “the Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand” and so on. Thus it is the Sabbath, “the old things passed away” but we announce the true Sabbath among us. The first circumcision did nothing, cutting just a small part of the body, but the eternal circumcision went extremely well, circumcising the entire body. For the water and the holy calling does not concern just one part of a man, but they seal and make the whole body of a man pure. Anyway,  the holy community received these mysteries. “For if they had been of us, they would have remained with us.” Instead they were born of slaves and concubines, their desires were for evil lusts of Egyptian fish and figs, blaspheming against the Son of God above and below, these Ariomaniacs in which we have already exposed in our arguments before, as well as those Sabellians. Now the Sabellians deny the existence of the Son and the Holy Spirit, saying the Son Himself is the Father and the Father Himself is the Son and the Holy Spirit Himself is the Father because they believe the Son and the Holy Spirit do not even exist! They are just Jews all over again and Lord killers who are discredited. The Ariomaniacs are all as ungodly, unholy, profane, sacrilegious as you can get. They divide and drive apart the Son from the Father’s ousia. They do not think the Son to be worthy of equal honour to the Father and neither do they think He is begotten from the Being of the Father. And there were others we spoke about earlier who blaspheme the Holy Spirit who were numbering themselves with the Jews. They are just the Sadducees and Samaritans all over again showing ignorance death and a total lack of belief.