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For everyone is speaking in such a clever way! Already I hear that some of you are having some arrogant and foolish idea about exchanging the truth of our Saviour and God for blasphemy and saying: ῾He searches out the depths of God but is not able to comprehend.” This is not what the words actually say. Rather, the Apostle only said, He searches the depths of God and ‘comprehends’ is not added! Such great stupidity! Was it really necessary you insane man, once you say that He searches to say “comprehends?” You have found such a lame way of placing these added words. You are left with no excuse! Everywhere Scripture gathered together unites the man to the truth. In regard to the Almighty God it says: God tests our intuitive centre and He examines the chambers of the heart. Now if He puts the intuitive centre to the test, does He not know what it is He tests? Is all His knowledge not on display when He puts us to the test? Once more you will not find “comprehend” in the verse He examines the chambers of the heart. If comprehend is not placed in this verse, is (according to your thinking) adding “he does not comprehend” to this verse going to be death of me, you stupid fool! Now concerning the Holy Spirit, it has been said, “He searches,” and there is no need to say, “He comprehends.” It is clear from what we are saying that you will find the knowledge of God and the depths of God in the Holy Spirit. Even though it does not say, “He comprehends,” follow my thinking and you will not destroy your soul! Now if we rely on the Father, we must not venture away with phrases such as, “He searches but does not comprehend,” because humanity was brought into being with the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Trinity is always the Trinity and never ever receives any addition. One must also keep this in mind in regard to the Holy Spirit. Whenever it says, “Let us make humanity,” In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, it indicates the call of the Father “calling together” for creating. And when it says, “Let us make,” is talking about not only the Son but the Holy Spirit also. For it says this way,  By the word of the Lord the heavens were made, And by the breath of His mouth all their host (Ps. 33.6). Therefore, the Word creates together with the Father and the Holy Spirit creates together with them. So Almighty God who creates humanity has no knowledge of what is in man who, “examines the chambers of the heart”? What this passage is saying is this: the knowledge of God is so great and vast that those who are sinning among us might not end up believing that there is something that is hidden from God because He knows humanity and the things of humanity.