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martyHe has a Phd in systematic theology with Dr Alan Torrance and Dr Douglas Campbell as Supervisors (1996) studying the concept of freedom in the anthropologies of John Macmurray, John Zizioulas and Karl Barth.

He is currently the adjunct professor in the Doctor of Ministry program at The Kings University CA USA in Relational Theology as well as a dissertation supervisor. He is also an affiliate professor at Trinity Lutheran College in the area of ethical issues and History of Christian thought.

We are hoping to focus more of and emphasis in ‘heart theology’ so that people might be able to grasp the freedom of life in Christ. I feel Marty Folsom has a passion in this area to help people connect real life issues with the gospel. When we begin to live our lives with Jesus Christ as the ground of our being and where our identity lies, we begin to ask questions on all aspects of life, our lives, the beauty, the injustices, social action and so on. I believe Marty can offer some genuine insights in this area. I hope you will all be greatly blessed by his posts.

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