Dr Geordie Ziegler Seminar: God with Us – Conversations on Living in the Trinity

Perichoresis Australia is proud to present our keynote speaker, Dr Geordie Ziegler, for our upcoming conference on March 27-29 2020 to be held in Adelaide at the Monastery 15 Cross Rd, Urbrae SA.

He will speak on the very topic on which many of us ponder: How do we live in the Trinity? What is it we actually do? We talk about it all the time, sing about it, and it is central to our Christian walk but how do we go about it?

Dr Ziegler is going to take the Father, Son and Spirit off the dusty shelves of cliché sermon illustrations and tired academic debates and bake them into a meal that we can feed on and live from. If you like the sound of three days of tasty feasting then we would be glad to have you join us. Dr Ziegler will take us on a journey of living life as children of God.

If you have not heard about Dr Geordie Ziegler and want to learn more about him we have a few resources for you to check out.

You can access his blog Click here

If you would like to watch an interview of Dr Ziegler on the Trinitarian Approach to Spiritual Formation conducted by Gary Deddo c/o GCI Click here

Here is a podcast where he speaks of relational formation. Click here

We have more information on this website Click here

This event will run over 3 days and covers 7 sessions. The cost is $150 and $100 concession/student. To register Click Here. We look forward to seeing you.