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We are an organic, relational network of friends, teachers and practitioners from around the world, standing on the shoulders of ancient saints and modern-day theologians, committed to recovering the ancient, Trinitarian gospel of the Early Church. We have already outreached to places like India, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Cameroon and various parts of Asia. We are witnessing the miracle working of the Holy Spirit transforming the lives of hundreds of people who have had their eyes opened to the “Trinity in me” where they can see the whole world through the eyes of Jesus Christ. If you are interested in supporting our ministry in a practical way or by donating to this work, please do not hesitate to contact us or use the link below to make a donation.

If you would prefer to make a direct deposit into our Bank Account, our bank details are below:

Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 065102
Account number: 10099344

If you are able to enter a comment in the details enter “Peri-Global”