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Our ultimate aim in our ministry here in Australia is we endeavour to point to Jesus Christ.  In Him we have all the knowledge of all the ways and works of God.  We gain everything we need to know about God when God speaks as the Man, Jesus Christ.  Not only does Jesus Christ express the true things about God but He also expresses the true things about us.  What we try to do is to speak the very same things as Jesus speaks.

In addition we try to be aware of our Western framework of thought and adopt a Hebrew understanding of the implications of the Word who made Himself flesh.  There are enormous implications for us in this event.  The truth about Jesus Christ as God of very God of the same being with the Father in whom everything lives, moves and have their being and the One in whom all things consist and are held together, is now a flesh and blood, living breathing human being.  Here we have the Son of God walking with us as one of us where such was His likeness to us that many could not put the fact the Creator and Source of all things is now this Human Being, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  As a consequence humanity killed Him.  Humanity assumed that if they threw Jesus Christ into the jaws of death, then that would be the end of Him.  God died on the Cross as the Man Jesus Christ. We know that not even death could break this union between the Son and the Father and the union between God and humanity in Jesus Christ.

This is enormously significant for humanity.  We have union between the Father, Son and Spirit.  We have union between the Son and creation. We also have union between the humanity of Jesus Christ and our humanity. The Perichoresis of the Father, Son and Spirit has broken forth into our existence in the Incarnation where not even the greatest enemy, death, could stop it.

Primarily, what we are concerned with is Jesus Christ.  Whatever we preach or teach must point to Jesus Christ as the measure of all things pertaining to God. Jesus Christ is also the measure of all things pertaining to humanity’s relationship to God.  Though we acknowledge that most do not see it that way.

We hope that those who participate in this media gallery are aware of the What we Believe section of our website and have familiarised themselves with some of the very important non negotiable points we hold to.

This means that there maybe some slight differences between what some may say in this gallery that we may not necessarily agree with.  Taking this into consideration, some of the views expressed on some of the videos do not necessarily reflect the views of Perichoresis Australia.  However, our hope is we can journey together and learn and grow from each other in the love of the Father, by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and in the fellowship the Spirit.