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DBonLife Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer is a book written during a time when there was rising hatred towards Jews, fundamental National Socialism and political upheaval in the 1930’s Nazi regime.  In contrast to the pervading worldview in Germany, Dietrich sets about presenting an ideal of community expressed in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.  This was in the face of the sanctioning by the German church of Adolf Hitler’s political views.

Nazi Germany was undergoing discord and disharmony between various ethnic groups as a result of the Nazi party’s desire to develop a pure race.  More value was placed on the extreme model put forward by Hitler.  In contrast to this, Dietrich Bonhoeffer put forward the idea that in Christ we are the keeper of all human beings because all are in Christ and equally valued by their Creator.  This book was a direct response and reaction to the ludicrous support of the German church of Hitler’s political views.  This is a wonderful work highlighting the thoughts of someone who lived in dangerous times but was steadfast in his commitment to the gospel.

Be aware it is this particular edition soon to be released on November 1st 2015 that we are recommending.  It has been translated from the original works overcoming the many mistakes in the older editions.


Chapter 1: Community
Chapter 2: The Day Together
Chapter 3: The Day Alone
Chapter 4: Service
Chapter 5: Confession and the Lord’s Supper
Study Questions
The Reader’s Guide to Life Together
Bonhoeffer’s Works: A guide to related texts and resources, Victoria J Burnett, General Editor
Index of Names and Subjects
Index of Biblical References

Reviews from Amazon

Bonhoeffer has an innate knack for calling a spade a spade within the life of the Christian community. He helps to pull back the veil of the false life in order to shine light on that which, even though hard to hear, is the needed truth to survive the journey. James A Sorvillo

I can’t rate this book highly enough. Anyone involved in church work should read this… Mr M W Mott.

One of the greatest and most challenging books I’ve read on the subject of Christian community, Bonhoeffer’s “Life Together” was a beautiful and engaging picture of Christian fellowship in it’s truest form. I’ve never read anything that spoke so truly about Christian community in modern context and I would recommend it to anyone curious about this subject. Chris McFadden

Life Together (Gemeinsames leben) offers one of D. Bonhoeffer’s most moving and enduring works. In this slim volume he writes what he perceived as necessary for his students at the underground seminary in Finkenwalde during WW2. He describes the cadences of such a life (together and alone), the place of singing, reading Scripture, prayer, work, and fellowship. Despite the brevity of this volume it deserves a careful reading and re-reading. This volume should be read by congregations and particular ministers and ministers in training. I have personally given out numerous volumes and require it for reading from my ministerial interns. R. L. Wadholm