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We know there are people out there who want to go a little deeper in their quest to understand more about Trinitarian theology.  There are many misconceptions regarding the work of some very significant figures in our history.  The books below are written by people who have a very clear focus on who Jesus Christ is and the significance of His Incarnation, the nature of the gospel and what it truly means to us.  Some people who level these criticisms often do not have all the facts regarding both our modern theologians who aver to the Trinitarian faith of the ancient church or to the significant figures in the Reformation as well as the early theologians of the ancient church.  Altogether, what they have to inform us as a result of life experiences, years of devoted study and a strong commitment to the truth presented to us in the Person and work of Jesus, is a life of freedom that can be found nowhere else.



calvins ladder

The claim of humanity
trinity and transformation