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Theol in reconstrucThis book, published in 1976 is a great accompaniment to Theology in Reconciliation which was published in 1965.  These two books belong together as they contain a comprehensive overview of much of the framework of thought of T F Torrance.  We know and have personally experienced in our Christian walk, the many problems and concerns with our mainstream understanding of theology and its seemingly impossible expectations.  When we have tried it all and come to the end of ourselves, it is then we find Jesus Christ as He truly is.  This book helps us to recognise the enormous errors in the widespread and accepted understanding of the gospel.  When we start to see these problems for ourselves, we begin to ask how it is we ended up in such a state.  Once we understand what they symptoms are, we then start to look for what that has caused such symptoms.  T F Torrance in this book has down all the hard work for us.  In these series of essays is literally a reconstruction of our ways of thought that lines up with understanding Jesus Christ in the context of His Person in the midst of the history of Israel.  God’s relationship with Israel shaped the way they thought that was in stark contrast with other worldviews.  I found these essays exhilarating to say the least and challenging to the very core of my being.  I underwent a total transformation of how I perceived who Jesus Christ was, what He has done and continues to do as well as the implications for me and people around me.


1. Theological Education Today

2. The Logic and Analogic of Biblical and Theological Statement in the Greek Fathers
3. The Problem of Theological Statement Today
4. The Influence of Reformed Theology on the Development of Scientific Method
5. Knowledge of God and Speech about him according to John Calvin
6. The Word of God and the Nature of Man

7. Questioning in Christ
8. The Place of Christology in Biblical and Dogmatic Theology
9. Justification: Its Radical Nature and Place in Reformed Doctrine and Life
10. The Reformed Doctrine of Grace from the point of View in Reformed Theology

11. The Foundation of the Church: Union with Christ through the Spirit.
12. Spiritus Creator: A Consideration of the Teaching of St Athanasius and St Basil
13. The Relevance of the Doctrine of the Spirit for Ecumenical Theology
14. Come, Creator Spirit, for the Renewal of Worship and Witness.

15. A New Reformation?