Theology in Reconciliation – T F Torrance

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Theology in reconThis is a great book which belongs with the other book of essays written earlier, Theology in Reconstruction.  The context of the gospel cannot divorce itself from the culture through which it was developed in the first six centuries of the church.  There are differences between the theologies of the East and West because each have adopted a way of seeing and knowing that have supported their respective theology.  T F Torrance is a master at highlighting the distinctions between the two main theologies.  These differences are often misunderstood and has caused the rift between the two for many centuries.  However, there is much we can learn if we explore the origins of our Christian faith.  By learning the various controversies the ancient church had to contend with, we soon learn that many of those very same controversies exist today within the modern church and have also had a detrimental impact on other disciplines outside of theology.  The overall concern Torrance has with much of Western thought, which we also share, is the willingness to diminish who Jesus Christ is in His relation to His Father.  The ancient church painstakingly maintained the astonishing Incarnational event as the I AM, Yahweh, who came to us as Man in his entirety, heart, mind and soul.  The implications of such an astonishing realisation is almost too much for some to bear.  Yet, this is the only truth there is.  This truth comes to us in the form of a Human Person and has dialogued with us in ways that our feeble minds can conceive and our hearts affirmed.  There is no logical bridge to God.  What we know is what we hear in Person from Him by the Spirit of Christ.


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