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triniatarian faith 1If anyone is to call themselves “Trinitarian” then it is a declaration of what was first taught by the Apostles.  It is the heart of the gospel that has enormous implications for what God has done towards us in the Person and work of Jesus Christ.  This book refers to a particular and significant period in history surrounding the development of the Nicene Creed.  T F Torrance gives an in depth and detailed overview of what it is the church believed at this time.  He shows us the consistency of what was held as the truth by the theologians in the fourth century with what was believed in the first century.

Athanasius wrote in De Synodis, 5, “Thus believes the Catholic Church;’ and there upon they confessed how they believed, in order to show that their own sentiments were not novel, but Apostolical; and what they wrote down was no discovery of theirs, but is the same as was taught by the Apostles.

This point is of tremendous importance if we are going to maintain the gospel with the same integrity today as was so heavily adhered to in this ancient period.  It brings to the believer the freedom of God actually experienced by the Father, Son and Spirit and pouring it into their hearts.  When we understand this significance, then we realise that no one can stand between us and the Father.  All authority rests on our union with Christ in the Father and it is the Spirit of Christ in us who reveals this truth.

To get a clear grasp on the significance of our union requires that we change the way we think from the mind of a pagan to the mind of the ancient church.  It means we lay everything aside and allow ourselves consideration of the implications of this book.  If this is what the early church truly believed, then this changes everything.

Chapter 1: Faith and Godliness
Chapter 2: Access to the Father
Chapter 3: The Almighty Creator
Chapter 4: God of God, Light of Light
Chapter 5: The Incarnate Saviour
Chapter 6: The Eternal Spirit
Chapter 7: The One Church
Chapter 8: The Triunity of God