The Mediation of Christ – T F Torrance

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The Mediation of ChristIf anyone is looking for an entry in the Theology of T F Torrance, then the Mediation of Christ is a good place to start.  If you are struggling with trying to make Jesus Christ relevant to the modern world then you will find this book enormously helpful.  Our modern understanding of the gospel is the root of the problem so many in ministry encounter as they try to engage with people around them.  Jesus was a Jew in a Jewish community in the midst of a multicultural world that had a many different outlooks on how they understood “god”.  Much of what we have led to understand as the “gospel” is in fact an assimilation of ideas drawn not from the Jewish world but from the Pagan world.

Over many generations, Yahweh’s encounter with His chosen nation was to prepare them for the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.  It was their unique way of seeing and knowing that has long since been lost in the Western world.  T F Torrance proceeds to unpack this very important issue by revisiting how revelation, reconciliation, the Person of Jesus Christ as Mediator, the mediation of our human response and how the atonement plays out in the Trinity.  As a result, you will see how the heart of Trinity pulsates in every aspect of our lives through the Person and work of Jesus Christ who is God of God and true Light from true Light, of the same being with the Father.

It is important to understand Jesus Christ in the context of the whole history of Israel.  Ignore this and we ignore the foundation upon which the gospel is built and opt for the house built upon the sand.  As your mind begins to transform to what is rock solid, you will find your conversations with everyday people will be transformed into a more respectful curiosity.  It is far easier to share the gospel when we understand the full magnitude and majesty of what Jesus Christ has done on our behalf and for our sake.

Chapter 1: The Mediation of Revelation
Chapter 2: The Mediation of Reconciliation
Chapter 3: The Person of the Mediator
Chapter 4: The Mediation of Christ in our Human Response
Chapter 5: The Atonement and the Holy Trinity