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Ground and GrammarThe Ground and Grammar of Theology was one of the first books I read by T F Torrance where I first began to understand the problems that existed in mainstream theology and modern science.  I had no doubts about what I had experienced that led me to become a follower of Jesus Christ.  However, there were many questions regarding science that I could not find answers for.  This book helped me to understand the framework of thought behind mainstream theology and science that have blinded and thwarted progress in both fields.  It set me on a journey that led me to the significant importance of Jesus Christ as understanding all the ways and works of God.  It also began to unpack for me the problems in modern science and why theology and science and its current methods of investigation could never reconcile and respect one another.  It also began for me the journey towards the ancient church and the beauty of the ancient church writings.  It took me some time to digest but that was not through any fault of Torrance’s part.  My mind was so engaged with dualist nature of the Ptolemaic and the Copernican/Newtonian cosmologies that it took a while for me to take in a new way of thinking that I now understand to be Einsteinian non-dualist’s method.

The true nature of our theological statements must begin with the Truth that confronts as a Person, Jesus Christ.  Who Jesus Christ is will determine what it is we believe and the subsequent life we live as a result.  If we truly believe Jesus is of the same being with the Father, then He must become our teacher.  Without Jesus Christ, God cannot be known and we no one else qualified to teach about Him. Therefore He must become the Object of our study.  What must conform what the Object of our study (Jesus Christ) discloses to us.  If our theological statements and doctrines and denominational beliefs do not line up with what Jesus Christ discloses, then we must change them so that what He declares is very same that God declares in His Person and work as the Man Jesus Christ.

Albert Einstein, adopted the same manner of investigation in his field of study.  He allowed the object (i.e. Light, Electricity and Magnetism) to disclose to him its inner secrets.  Then he wrote his data in accordance with their inherent natures.  This established knowledge upon a solid verifiable foundation drawn from within the field of light, electricity and magnetism.  What is even more fascinating is Albert Einstein believes their is a being behind the universe who interacts with him and discloses its inner secrets.  He also had a deep fascination for Jesus Christ.  Many push this aside by simply saying he was not a christian.  I would not be so hasty as to jump to this conclusion.  Einstein had a deep concern for the truth and realised in his obsession that there was a greater truth out there that could not be denied.

Preface to the New Edition
1. Man, the Priest of Creation
2. Emerging from the Cultural Split
3. Creation and Science
4. The Transformation of Natural Theology
5. Theological Science
6. The Basic Grammar of Theology
Index of Names