The Christian Doctrine of God – T F Torrance

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The Christian Doctrine of GodGenerally speaking, for the layperson, trying to gain some insight into the doctrine of the Trinity is quite confusing.  Our entry point into beginning to understand the Trinity is Jesus Christ.  Yet, many explanations have severely neglected Jesus Christ who came to fully explain God as Father, Son and Spirit.  The Doctrine of the Trinity is of the utmost importance of we are going to make any headway into the church community and into the whole world.

Without Jesus Christ entering into the world, the doctrine of the Trinity would never have come about.  The purpose of Jesus Christ whose being is of the same being with the Father is to come and show us His loving kind heart.  When we see Jesus Christ, we see into the Father and we also understand the nature of the Spirit of Christ in us.  This is a very intense academic work undertaken by T F Torrance.  However, by taking your time to read through this book, we begin to understand how crucial the Doctrine of the Trinity is to the whole scope of our human lives.

As I have read through this book I have taken advantage of the footnotes that refers to particular ancient church writings which I found enormously helpful.  Here I was able to find that T F Torrance exercised enormous discipline and integrity in endeavouring to remain true and faithful to what the ancient church professed.  Though I confess that I am an avid follower of Torrance and his work, the gift he has given to me is the ability to think inter-dependantly as part of a community that stretches back 2000 years.  If you are into studying with intense depth, then we highly recommend this book.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Christian Perspective
Chapter 3: The Biblical Frame
Chapter 4: The Trinitarian Mind
Chapter 5: One Being, Three Persons
Chapter 6: Three Person, One Being
Chapter 7: Trinity in Unity and Unity in Trinity
Chapter 8: The Sovereign Creator
Chapter 9: The Unchangeableness of God