God & Rationality – T F Torrance

God & RationailityGod & Rationality is another one of T F Torrances gems. When we think in ways that have detached Jesus Christ from the ground of theology, then we take a dangerous journey into the stormy waters of worldly understandings of God.  When Jesus Christ is taken out of the picture as the Object through which we draw all we need to know God, then it becomes out of reach of everyday Christians and left in the hands of those who believe they know best.  The institution establishes what it looks like to live the Christian life based on what it believes to be good or bad.  The Head is severed from the body and the life of God no longer flows into the living stones of the church.  The church hierarchy itself becomes blind who end up leading people into blindness.  Our experience has been when we try to establish Jesus Christ as the rightful Head of the church and people are taught a rationale that enables them to live life in accordance with His nature and character, then hierarchy fear they will lose control.  Because the truth of the gospel is being kept hidden and Jesus Christ is kept under wraps, they are losing control and credibility within the church and wider community anyway.

The question we must all ask is, “Who do we say Jesus Christ is?”  If we believe Him to be God who becomes Man, then we must in the first place afford all due respect that God really does know best.  In addition to this, we must ask ourselves if we believe Jesus Christ is God who becomes Man, what does it mean that He becomes one of us, flesh of our flesh and bones of our bones?  Much of mainstream theology does not take into consideration that in the Incarnation, the faculties of humanity and the faculties of God became ‘one’ and mutually indwell in one another.  We tend to discuss as if the mind and rationale of God and the mind and rationale of humanity must be kept apart.  Instead, what we have is a worldly approach to the ways and works of God that tend to totally ignore the implications of the Incarnation.  There is the tendency to fall in errors of the Apollinarian heresy in all matters of theology, worship and life. There is a rationality that is consistent with Christological theology.  This book will help you to understand a way of seeing and knowing God with Jesus Christ as the guiding rule of faith.

1. Theological Rationality
2. The Eclipse of God
3. Cheap and Costly Grace
4. Theology in the Scientific World
5. Ecumenism and Science
6. The Word of God and the Response of Man
7. The Epistemological Relevance of the Spirit
8. Theological Persuasion

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