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torranceMuch of our theological mission is guided by our mentor, Thomas F Torrance.  He is a leading figure in the understanding of the framework of thought from the Apostolic period through to the three great councils, Nicene, Constantinople and Chalcedon and beyond.  He has laid out the heresies the ancient church were faced with and has shown us these same heresies exist in many parts of the church today.  In doing so, T F Torrance has shown the true authority of the church lies in the Person and work of Jesus Christ and not in her institutions.  One can learn a great deal from reading his work in combination with the writings of the Ancient church which are available on this site (click here).  Generally speaking, we have found that the way of thinking of the mainstream church today is more in line with the thought of her heretical opponents, particularly the Arians, in this ancient period than in accordance with what was universally taught at this time.  What does this mean?  What it means is it may be time for us to lay aside everything we hold to be true and be prepared to change the way we think.  It may require a transformation in the way we think so we see Jesus Christ in the true light of day in much the same way the apostles saw Him.

It is remarkable how T F Torrance was able to make inroads into other denominations, especially the Greek Orthodox.  He had a close friendship with the Russian George Florovsky who taught at Princeton.  They had a deep and immense respect for each other’s work.  Many Greek Orthodox ministers undertook part of the their studies at St Andrew’s under T F Torrance.  At the same time, Torrance referred many of his students to George Florovsky.  They tried to bring about an ecumenical movement but were confronted by politics and a lack of interest by those who engaged in the movement in the writings of the ancient church.  Such was the commitment by Florovsky and Torrance to remain faithful to the ancient church, they had to abandon it.  This should be a lesson to us all that as we go forth and bring the Light of God as Triune revealed through the Person and work of Jesus Christ to the world, people will want to bring hidden agendas rather than take up the riches of what the early church writers had to offer.

We have a biography of his life made available with the kind permission of Professor Elmer Colyer click here

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