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The great dance 1On the back cover:

Some scenes are breathtaking, and none more so to me that the unlikely dance scene of the King of Siam and Anna, an ordinary British teacher, in the old Rogers and Hammerstein musical. But that scene, with all its surprise and grace and delight, is but a shadow compared to the scene set in The Great Dance.  Here we learn that we are the ordinary British teacher caught up, not in a momentary dance with a human king, but in the arms of the Father, Son and Spirit and in their great dance of shared life.  This is no ordinary book, and Dr Kruger is no ordinary theologian.  He takes the doctrine of the Trinity and the Incarnation, shakes them free of their academic dust and irrelevance, and uses them as a secret key to unlock the hidden truth of our ordinary lives as the musical through which nothing less than the life of the Father, Son and Spirit is being plays out. Truly breathtaking.  Nancy-Anne Bain Upshaw, Pickens, Mississippi.

Baxter Kruger has done a great service for all Christians who are trying to put wheels on the meaning of the Trinity for their everyday lives.  His down-home storytelling and energetic, lyrical prose combine to pull our hearts  and very beings into the “great dance” of life. On first reading one of Baxter’s books, I cried out, “This is it!” He put flesh on my bony understanding of how our triune God loves me in and through my daily, frequently misshaped, living.  And now The Great Dance takes me further, presenting me with the wonderful scene of my everyday existence taken up, through Christ’s ascension, into the very life of God. I commend this book to anyone who longs to experience meaning, purpose, and joy in everyday duties and pleasures.  W. J. Douglas Ball, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

In the Great Dance, Baxter Kruger offers us the most stunning of lenses through which to see what is actually happening in our lives.  In fresh, clear and lively prose, Kruger illumes our human experience of everything from fishing and babies to baseball and bulldozers by drenching it all in a trinitarian flood of light.  Along the way, Kruger provides a perceptive interpretation of how the meaning of holiness in the Western tradition evolved in terms of law and order, crime and punishment, rather than reflecting the beauty of the inner life of the Father, Son and Spirit.  In addition, he clarifies the uniqueness of the trinitarian vision by setting it alongside pantheism on the one hand and deism on the other . . . Roger Newell, Phd, George Fox University.

Here is a book that demands to be read again and again . . . For those of us who wrestle with our identity, especially in the midst of the postmodern world’s seductive calls, Dr Kruger offers a marvellous vision of who we are ‘in Christ’ as participants in the ‘great dance’ of life shared by the Father Son and Spirit. All other visions pale in comparison. Rev. John D. White, Pastor, Cayce Presbyterian Church, Cayce, South Carolina.

Reviews from Amazon:

The theology in this book is beautiful to say the least. Knowing that Jesus has re-created humanity in His life, death, resurrection, and ascension is life changing. Learning that the New Testament has been proclaiming to us all along that humanity is bound up in Jesus and secure in him is comforting and liberating. To know that Jesus is present in our everyday lives helped me see that my ideas of God being stuffy and only concerned with what I do when I go to church are all wrong. In fact they are pagan. I was “like a drunk man who knows he has a house but cannot find his way home” page 33. I now know that the Trinity has drawn me into their circle of shared life and are indeed sharing life with me and my family and the cosmos. The Great Dance gets 5 stars from me. Davina

This is a short and easy to read book packed with a lot of clear to understand messages. The wisdom is not an unattainable odysses of works but is the healing balm for the heart.Spiritual theology. Anne M. Gilliam

Wonderfully written. Great help to understand the Trinity and our part in living the life that God intended for us to live. David E. Minor

Approaching theology with your heart rather than your mind is extremely freeing to a believer. Kruger’s knowledge and background give him a unique ability to unpack this age old concept for any believer regardless of the depth of biblical knowledge they may pertain. A great tool to help you shift your paradigm and truly see that HIS grace is sufficient. Caferacerrr