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Like the shadows of the dark Lord of Mordor over Middle Earth, so alien and oppressive theologies have steadily enveloped the church.  And as the church had fallen prey to the false theologies and philosophies of this world, her members have been enslaved and robbed of their humanity and personhood.  In Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, Dr Kruger not only exposes the disastrous consequences of such twisted theology, more importantly he powerfully expounds the good news of Jesus Christ to bring liberation, joy and dignity to humanity.  In faithfulness to the early church fathers Irenaeus, Athanasius, and Gregory of Nazianzus, Dr Kruger reclaims and recovers the gospel truth that “the unassumed is the unhealed.”  In this way alone can the gospel be the good news for our salvation.  For if the eternal Son of God has reached us where we actually exist in all our brokenness, alienation and death can the deep healing of our humanity take place in his life, death, resurrection and ascension.

In Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, we are not called to believe in a Christ who is sent to save us from God’s holiness and wrath, but rather we encounter the eternal Son of the Father in the fellowship and power of the Holy Spirit who willingly assumes, converts and restores our humanity to a place in the lfe of the Trinity.  Dr Kruger presents our blessed lord’s death not in the context of law, but in the context of the Triune life of God.  May the dark effects of the shadow theologies be pushed back to Mount Doom where they belong and may the power of the gospel as set forth in Jesus and the Undoing of Adam continue to bring real liberation, life, healing and joy to the cosmos.  Robert Lucas, Phd, Jackson Mississippi.

Theology is a vehicle created for exploring the wonder and depths of God with us.  Sadly, many driving the vehicles are prone to taking the same safe roads, in their all too familiar economy sedans.  thankfully, from time to time an adventurer comes along, who obediently choosing to leave the main thoroughfare lead us into the deep, vast mysteries of the glorious Triune God.  Baxter Kruger is such an adventurer, and Jesus and the Undoing of Adam is his latest all-terrain transportation; I have benefited greatly from the ride.  Glen Soderholm – Pastor, Singer/Songwriter, Toronto, Canada.

What happened on the Cross?  Why did Jesus die?  How do we understand the meaning of his death? Dr Baxter Kruger voices the questions we have often asked ourselves, and challenges our legal mindset about God and the whole sin thing.  He beautifully and engagingly sets out God’s ancient purpose to draw us into, to somehow include us in, the magnificent, glorious life and freedom shared by the Father Son and Spirit.  Always from all time, the plan was our adoption in Jesus Christ.

“Jesus is not a footnote to Adam and the Fall: the Fall, and creation itself, is a footnote to the purpose of God in Jesus Christ.”

An so Dr Kruger opens our eyes and ears to the eternal truth that we were always and forever meant to be caught up in the wonderful mystery of the love and loving of the Triune God. Sarah Wauchope, Adelaide, Australia

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