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On the back cover

That God should be ‘for us’ will be a remarkable and transforming discovery for those who have grown weary under the whiplash of a theology that drives us to ‘do something for God!’  I wish that overburdened pastors could read this book before ever preaching another sermon and uninspired christians could inhale the fragrance before going to church. Dr Ray S Anderson, Professor of theology and Ministry, Fuller Theological Seminary

This book can’t be skimmed.  Its solid meat and provocative Baxter Kruger opens out fundamental truths about us and our lives in Christ, in God.  a rich nourishment and reflection in the essentials of true life.  Reverend Russell Bartlett, Senior Pastor, Parkside Baptist Church, South Australia.

When I first picked up God is For Us I read it through in one sitting in one hour.  I could not tear myself away for the sheer goodness of the triune God that Baxter Kruger conveys in this short 70 page book.  But then I had to go back and read it carefully through again, in order to allow the deep truths to penetrate my life afresh.  Here is a clearly presented exposition of the profound truth that we created to be with God forever!  Reverend Dr Graham Buxton, Faculty Member at Tabor Seminary, South Australia.

God is for us is a must for those working with damaged people. As flowers open up in the sun, so wounded souls open to the light of God’s goodness.  Many mentally unwell patients have been transformed by the reality of god’s goodness to us in Jesus Christ as laid out in this little book.  Dr Bruce Wauchope, Medical Practitioner, Clovelly Park South Australia.

Reviews from Amazon

There have been few books that have moved me as greatly as this book has. When I picked up “God is For Us“, I could not put it down and read it late into the night. My life changed as, through me tears, I realized that the Father so loved me that he sent His Son to stand in my place for me on my behalf. Not just on the cross, that he did, but also today and every day! We have been given a share in the Son’s knowing the Father and His perfect relationship. He is the Vicarious Man that did for me what I could never do, measure up.

But here’s the kicker, I finally realized that the Father is the one who sent the Son for me! He did so not so He could accept me, but so I could accept Him! This book ripped away the dark mask of the angry “Father” standing behind Jesus (that I grew up with) and revealed to me the Father’s loving, smiling face that has eternally loved and delighted in me! Thank you Baxter Kruger!  (Mark Simpson)

Baxter Kruger has become my favorite author with his amazing insights into God! His revelation to the reader of the relationship the Christian has been given with the Trinity is eye-popping to those of us who once viewed God as strict and hard to please. Not only does he affirm our salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ, but he shares how the entire Trinity are involved in our lives. God Is For Us is one of the most encouraging books as far as content that I’ve ever read and certainly one of the best-written. I recommend this book to all Christians and non-Christians alike. Believers will be stunned at the extent of God’s love and non-believers may see the God of this universe as they’ve never seen Him before!  (Grateful Believer)

The product is wonderful and I am using them in a biblical interpretation class at my church. It has stirred a great deal of interest. (Gene Hecker)