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Jesus is not a theoretical idea or mere concept far removed from our human experience. In Across all Worlds, Baxter Kruger brings face to face with the fact that Jesus had established a very real and personal relationship with us in our darkness.  Jesus accepts us and walks with us because he is determined that we come to know His Father with him and live in His embrace.

Baxter Kruger has seen something beautiful and he wants you to see it too.  At the heart of the universe stands a set of relationships.  Father, Son and Holy Spirit created our love to share in their love.  Jesus has done everything to make this happen.  Nothing is greater and nothing is better. Ken Blue, author of ‘Healing Spiritual Abuse’ and ‘The Authority to Heal’

Jesus Christ is not a doctrine, but a person who knows his Father . . . Across All Worlds takes this ancient truth and reality of ‘Christ in us‘ and breaches Western cognitive dualism to help us engage our hearts and bodies in jesus’ relationship with us.  Bruce Wauchope, MD., Adelaide, Australia.

All that Dr Kruger writes is rooted in the unswerving belief that the Father, Son and Spirit are not interested in some theoretically perfected humankind but rather cares deeply about each one of us here and now, in our flesh, in our daily world.  David Jennings, Attorney, Vancouver, B.C.

For those who are compelled to ‘kick at the darkness ’till it bleeds daylight,’ Baxter Kruger’s Across all Worlds is a steel toed boot.  Steve Bell, Singer/Songwriter, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

. . . A Wrecking ball through the stained glass certainty of Religionland, and at the same time a balm to heal the sin-sick soul . . . Bert Gary, author of ‘Jesus Unplugged, Florence, Mississippi.

Reviews from Amazon

Dr C Baxter Kruger is indeed one of the best contemporary theologians of this century. He passionately advocates for a God who is not content to kick us in the pants and sit back to enjoy the show, but as one who has crossed all worlds to journey with us in the here and now. There is no separation (from God’s perspective) between God and us – just fellowship if we dare to dance. M Rayson

Another fantastic book from Kruger. He exposes our false views of God and shows us how Jesus came to destroy our “mythological” illusion of who God is. There is so much packed into this book and there is a lot to take in. I’ll definitely be reading this again and taking my time. Brian Murphy

This work is simply excellent. Baxter Kruger is aflame with the desire to share the incredible truth of our adoption into the life and love of the Triune God. What he teaches is not new. It is the Gospel. But we rarely hear the full implication of just what was accomplished in the redemptive work of God in Christ, the Word Incarnate. The beauty of Kruger’s teaching is that he not only sets forth the awesome cosmic dimension of Christ’s work, he also places it in our darkest, most hidden brokenness. This teaching can change your life, and I would even venture to say that it will do so, if read and comprehended. Don’t hesitate. You cannot go wrong with this book.  Clarence D Ledbetter