Cyril of Alexandria – Commentary on John Vol 1

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Cyril of Alexandria (ca. 378-444), one of the most brilliant representatives of the Alexandrian theological tradition, is best known for championing the term Theotokos (God-bearer) in opposition to Nestorius of Constantinople. Cyril’s great Commentary on John, offered here in the Ancient Christian Text series in two volumes, predates the Nestorian controversy, however, and focuses its theological fire power against Arianism. The commentary, which is addressed to catechists, displays Cyril’s breath-taking mastery of the full content of the Bible and his painstaking attention to detail as he seeks to offer practical teaching on the cosmic story of God’s salvation. David Maxwell provides readers with the first complete English translation of the text since the nineteenth century. It rests on Pusey’s critical edition of the Greek text and puts on display Cyril’s theological interpretation of Scripture and his appeal to the patristic tradition that preceded him. Today’s readers will find the commentary an indispensable tool for understanding Cyril’s approach to Scripture. (copied from the Amazon Store)

This is really the boards pick of the millennium.  In Cyril’s works we have a crystal clear insight into the mind of the ancient Christian.  Immersing yourself into this first in the series of books will help us to conform mind to the mind of Jesus Christ.  The impression placed on us as we read this text is consistently the same as we find from Irenaeus through to Athanasius to Cyril of Alexandria.  It helps us to understand the heresies we face today are the very same Cyril and his community encountered.  We see the same heresies but dressed up in modern clothes.  If you are interested in bringing the historical trinitarian theology into the modern community then these series of books are a must!!