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Epiphanius was a strong defender of the faith who lived in the fourth century (315-403AD). He is famous for his defence of the the decisions of Nicaea following the decades of turmoil which followed after the Council in 325AD.  He was nominated and installed as Bishop of Salamis in Cyprus as it was clear his reputation for learning grew. Epiphanius was fluent in many languages such as Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Syriac and Egyptian. He could very well have been seen as a prodigy where his strong Jewish heritage may have contributed to his gift. He served as Bishop for 40 years. He spent much of his time travelling far and wide combatting beliefs that were contrary to the Nicene faith. He took part in the Synod of Antioch in 376AD, which gathered to address the heresy of Apollinarianism. He is famous for his prolific works in defense of the faith of Nicaea called the Panarion and Ancoratus.

Select pieces from Against all Heresie

Against Noetians 57 (Latin/Greek)

Against Sabellians 62 (Latin/Greek)

Against first type of Origenists 63 (Latin/Greek)

Against Paul the Samosatian 65 (Latin/Greek)

Against the Arian Nuts 69 (Latin/Greek)

On the Schism of the Audians 70 (Latin/Greek)

Against Marcellians 72 (Latin/Greek)

Against Semi-Arians 73 (Latin/Greek)

Against Pneumatomachi 74 (Latin/Greek)

Against Anomoeans 76 (Latin/Greek)

Against Dimoerites, called <Apollinarians> by some 77 (Latin/Greek)

Against Antidicomarians 78 (Latin/Greek)

Select Pieces from Ancoratus

Chapter 1 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 2 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 3 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 4 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 5 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 6 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 7 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 8 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 9 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 10 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 11 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 12 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 15 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 16 (Greek/Latin)

Chapter 24 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 26 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 33 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 46 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 61 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 65 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 66 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 67 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 68 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 69 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 70 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 72 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 73 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 74 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 75 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 76 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 78 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 81 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 116 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 117 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 119 (Latin/Greek)

Chapter 120 (Latin/Greek)

De Fide (Latin/Greek)