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Belinda Clatworthy is the Practise Manager for a medical centre in Adelaide.  She has been a long time active and highly valued member of the Steering Group for Perichoresis Australia.  Belinda has many talents and is passionate in the areas of photography, gardening and especially cooking.   You will also discover that Belinda is a gifted speaker and has unique insights into the gospel which she is able to articulate to others with honesty, warmth and compassion.

“We are called to live! The spirit is constantly weaving through our beings, loving us to a better place, loving us so we become more and more the person we were created to be! Someone free! Someone alive! Someone loved!

Belinda will be sharing a few things from her recent journey that have brought her increased freedom and hope!

Pain is not comfortable, but it is sometimes our path to healing. Perhaps, as we come to understand the Trinity’s love of us, we can be brought to a place where we can trust enough to look at the lies that eat at us, and dare to ask the Spirit to show us her truth in these places. As truths are seen, and accepted by us, freedom can start to ripple back through our past, rewriting scripts we have held onto so tight, and it can flow with us into the future, with the Spirit teaching us how to live from these new places.

John 13:34 “Love one another, AS I have loved you”.

Will we let him love us? Will we trust him to be deeper than our pain? Will we dare let go of the lies we have decided are truths?”

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