Alexander of Alexandria’s Two Encyclical Epistles

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Alexander, being assemble with his beloved brethren, the Presbyters and Deacons of Alexandria, and Mareotis, greets them in the Lord.

Although you have already subscribed to the letter I addressed to the followers of Arius, exhorting them to renounce his impiety, and to submit themselves to the sound Catholic Faith, and have shewn you right-mindedness and agreement in the doctrines of the Catholic Church; yet forasmuch as I have written also to our fellow-ministers in every place concerning the Arians, and especially since some of you, as the Presbyters Chares and Pistus, and the deacons Serapion, Parammon, Zozimus, and Irenaeus, have joined the Arian party, and been content to suffer deposition with them, I thought it needful to assemble together you, the Clergy of the city, and to send for you the Clery of Mareotis, in order that you may understand what I have written, and may testify your agreement thereto, and give your concurrence in the deposition of the followers of Arius and Pistus. for it is desirable that you should be made acquainted with the sentiments I have expressed, and that each of you should heartily embrace them, as though he had written them himself.