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Well its really the new creation.
When the uncreated Word who is Jesus entered his Creation that he holds together with the Father and Spirit, this is the point of the Uncreated entering the Creation. Uncreated Life Eternal Life is giving this Eternal Life this person into the physical creation.
Thus this is the beginning of the new birth of the creation
This is the beginning of what we call heaven.
So heaven is actually the uncreated coming into and giving life to and recreating the Creation.
Thus we will have physical bodies of a higher order than we do now.
Now we are like Ghosts..
Christ in his risen body, walked through walls and ate bread and fish.  His body was solid, our creation is the Ghost !
Scripture says we will be on the earth – the new earth.
In this we will share in all that he has
He has an undiluted, non closed off , fully open face to face relationship with his Dad, now our Dad.
In the risen graduated Creation, we share in what Jesus has, with his Dad.
This is eternal life, this love this light, this joy that they have together with the Spirit in One.
We are called into this home, this beauty, these hugs, this intimacy.
We are known as we are.
We are delighted in, as we are.
We are given a name, our new name on a stone that is our intimacy with them.
We share in their life.
We are in their Love.
There is nothing that is not love.
All that is not love is washed away.
There is nothing hurtful etc
Healing is the restoring of order.  What we call Miracles are the restoring of order.
In addition this is not an outside in process, it is an inside out process.
Jesus Christ is in you.  You did not put him there.  We as a race put him in us by killing him and brutalising him and thus he got behind all of our defences and hypocrisy and facades and games and has gone to the bottom of corporate human darkness and flesh.
He did this with his Father and with the Holy Spirit. They have set up their tabernacle, their tent, their place of dwelling in our flesh in our darkness in the places in us we don’t like and they have done this without our asking.
In the day of the Spirit, we know, Jesus is in the Father and the Father in Jesus John 14 v 10
we know that Jesus is in the Father and we are in Jesus and He is in IN us and we did not put him there.  John 14 v 20.
The Spirit takes what Jesus has JOhn 16v14 and shares it with us.  Spirit does this after getting rid of our morality – the first part of John 16. The Spirit tells us we are wrong about sin and righteousness and judgement.  We have them based on morality, they are about knowing or not knowing the Father.
In him is Eternal life his relationship with the Dad, John 17 v3
this eternal life is in his Son and he shares this with/in us 1 John 5 v 11.
So ask inside yourself – ” Jesus Christ are you in me ? “
Listen inside.
If you don’t hear Jesus respond then ask the Holy Spirit to reveal all your collusions and agreements with darkness, get a pen and paper and sit down and write what comes to mind and hand it over to Jesus and give the Father Son and Spirit access to these areas of you.
When you are aware of Jesus in you, then go on.
So this is an inside out process not an outside in process.
So healing is an inside out process not outside in process.
“But if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through His Spirit who dwells in you.” Rom 8 11
We pray
Jesus Christ you are in me, thank you Dad.
Dad, I have a union with Jesus Christ that I didn’t make, thankyou Dad.
When he was born and lived and died I shared in your life Jesus Christ, you are in me, thankyou, Jesus.
Holy Spirit please reveal and expose and remove all of my collusions and agreements with darkness and blindness.
Dad when Jesus died I died and thus I am free from the laws of Sin and Death.
For I have died already in Jesus and risen already in Jesus and ascended already in Jesus and I sit in him at his right hand with you.
Jesus you are in me,
Holy Spirit take my body and conform it to Jesus.  Take my body and release his eternal life from the inside, take my body and conform it to him.
Heal my whole being.