Welcome to Trinity in You

Dr Geordie Ziegler Seminar has been cancelled. All monies will be refunded

We are a community of people who are passionate about Jesus Christ. It is through Him we receive a glimpse into the dynamic love, life and community of the Father, Son and Spirit. Through this one human being we are able to know, receive and participate in the love He receives from the Father and by the Spirit we actually engage in their life of love.

The purpose of this website is to facilitate means of communicating and sharing the truth of Jesus Christ to the widest possible audience. We hope to provide a fresh, clear and livable theology that is most real and practical as well as accessible to the average person. Through circles of friendships, conferences, fellowship, work, interest areas and the arts, we hope to gather as many people and concentrate as many Trinitarian resources as possible in one place.

Though it is taken for granted that theology informs life, many do not realise that life also informs theology. It is life which embraces and endorses our humanity and human activity. Engaging and participating in the glory of God is not just a theological, mental exercise. It is so much more than that. All aspects of active human life that are fruitful towards loving relationships have their foundation in the heart of the Triune God. In Jesus Christ we have been included in this dynamic and active life where the love of God has penetrated and filled all things human. This even includes the often simplest day-to-day activities through to family and working relationships, friends and the wider communities. God is all in all.

The site will offer information and opportunities to interact in each particular section. Some material will be available generally, and you will also be able to register for access to all online materials. Additionally, we will have various resources available to purchase from our store. It is a work-in-progress, so stay tuned.

We have listed the books of our founder and director of Perichoresis USA, Dr C Baxter Kruger’s work below.  Due to his association with his close friend, William Paul Young, we also have added the book The Shack.

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