About Universalism


The issue of Universalism comes down to this:

1. If one begins Trinitarian theology on the basis of union then universalism is not an issue.

2. If one begins Trinitarian theology on the basis of dualism then they will automatically conclude in universalsim.

This will do one of two things

a. On the basis of dualist thinking they will embrace the conclusion and accept the doctrine of universalism believing it to be consistent with Trinitarian Theology.

b. Because one believes Trintarian theology appears to conclude in universalism, on this basis, they may reject Trinitarian theology entirely.

Both positions are incorrect.  Beginning with objective union, one will rightly conclude that universalism is a heresy.  In addition one will rightly conclude Limited Atonement which includes Calvinism and Arminianism or any form of the two are also heresies. This is the position of Perichoresis Australia.  We believe both Limited Atonement and Universalism are “Twin Heresies” and are not in any way a part of Trinitarian Theology whatsover.

For an expanded explanation of the reasons why we hold this position please watch the December Monthly Meeting, “The Overarching Love Story” by Dr Bruce Wauchope.  Click Here